What can we do together?

With our My carbon zero initiative, we support our members with climate advisory services such as:

  • Lifetime Carbon Balance calculations

  • GHG reporting to meet any regulatory requirements

  • Science-based emission reduction plans

  • Access to high-quality carbon removal credits

With our Regen 21 initiative, we support our members with regenerative sourcing projects and solutions, such as

  • Regenerative agriculture program development

  • Fully regenerative supply chain management solutions

  • Responsible sourcing advisory services

With our Hilary’s kids initiative, we support members with community development programs in their supply chain, such as:

  • Education material provisions

  • A high-protein nutritional program

  • Medical supply provisions

  • Innovative water filtration solutions

  • Water supply systems

With our Earthtrust initiative, we help our members verify their claims and avoid greenwashing, with:

  • Unparalleled transparency for consumers

  • Low verification costs

  • Cutting edge blockchain technology

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My carbon zero

Regen 21

Hilary’s kids


Our members

January 30, 2023

WhatIF Foods

Regenerating their Bambara Groundnut supply chain in northern Ghana, Committed to insetting their Lifetime Carbon Balance
February 1, 2023

Zebra Growth

Under Development

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