My Carbon Zero

We believe that going carbon zero means taking responsibility for all of the carbon you have ever emitted, so we set up an initiative to help organizations and individuals to do just that.

We offer ISO 14001-guided greenhouse gas reporting services to Pond Foundation members, which extends to the inception of their business. We guide our members on reducing their emissions, and we connect them to highly credible carbon removal project partners.

With our My Carbon Zero initiative, we support our members with climate advisory services such as:

  • GHG reporting to meet any regulatory requirements
  • Access to high-quality carbon removal credits
  • Sustainability and social governance support
  • Carbon removal project development
Here at Pond Foundation, we want to define carbon zero as something strong and credible, with no greenwashing. For us, carbon zero means removing all of the carbon from the atmosphere that you have ever emitted as scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions since the inception of your business.

It’s not an easy lift, but it's the only way to move the needle on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, and there’s no room for greenwashing fudges. We’ve seen decades of that, and here we are facing a climate disaster.

Through My Carbon Zero, we pledge strong, real action to support our members to embark on their own ambitious journeys.

Become a member to access our innovative and disruptive climate action advisory services.

Take stronger and more credible action on climate change than any of your peers or competitors, and lead the change that we need to see in the world!