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Sarah Santacroce: Solopreneur member of Pond Foundation and Humane Marketer

Sarah Santacroce: Solopreneur member of Pond Foundation and Humane Marketer

Sarah Santacroce is a solopreneur and a pioneer in the field of Humane Marketing.

What exactly is Humane Marketing?

Sarah describes Humane Marketing as marketing for “the generation that cares”, and is an antidote to the traditional marketing strategies that prey on the guilt and shame of the consumers. It aims to bring the human connection back into the world of business and marketing.

She describes the aim of humane marketing as being geared towards conscious customers, who often have different wants, desires, and priorities than the traditional consumer. These consumers want more purpose and meaning, more human connection, and more sense of community and belonging, which ultimately led Sarah to create the Human Marketing Circle, so like minded professionals in this field can balance ideas of each other, gain support, and join a community in order to feel like part of something bigger.

This concept is rooted in the fact that the root of business is human relationships, and business is not possible without the root human connection.

There are a lot of companies that are already doing well such as B Corp companies, including patagonia.

When it comes to solopreneurs, she expresses a concern of selling fear in the influencer and coaching market. “Hype marketing” thrives off of making consumers feel bad that they are not smart enough, not successful enough, or not rich enough. Humane marketing aims to combat this by focusing on positivity, and using the product or service to make the world a better place, while making the consumer feel better rather than worse about themselves. This approach looks at the human at the end of the other side of the marketing as a real human and looks at them in a humane way.  

Humane marketing consists of 7 pillars, as shown in the mandala below.

Sarah joined Pond Foundation because she wanted to continue to make a positive impact with her work and be part of the global solution, and invested in projects to pay back her Lifetime Carbon Balance (LCB). She wanted to be a part of a solution that was geared towards and feasible for solopreneurs and small businesses, and feels the Pond Foundation allows these organizations with fewer resources to still have a lasting impact on the planet.

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