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Pond Foundation is Walking the Walk

Pond Foundation is Walking the Walk

In our earlier post with our emissions report, we stated that our current Lifetime Carbon Balance was 42tCO2. Well, today, we’re happy to announce, we’re now at zero having bought these CRCs.

We've recently received two certificates from our trustworthy and passionate partners Dutch Carboneers and Forest Conservation Fund.

Tanoe-Ehy forest is supported by the Forest Conservation Fund (FCF), whose mission is to protect and conserve forests one hectare at a time. FCF is a not-for-profit Foundation, decentralizing conservation by empowering Indigenous Peoples, local NGOs and communities and private sector actors to protect forest under their control.

Dutch Carboneers develops decentralized biochar projects with the goal of bringing smallholder biochar projects to global carbon removal markets. With the conversion from biomass to biochar, an inert carbonized material is created which acts as a stable carbon sink for over a thousand years. Biochar also contains numerous beneficial properties for agriculture. It stores nutrients, increases crop yields, increases the water holding capacity, aids in climate adaptivity and houses microorganisms, raising the organic carbon content of soils.

The first is from Dutch Carboneers for 21 biochar Carbon Removal Credits. These credits are highly durable and will stay sequestered for more than 1,000 years.

The next is from Forest Conservation Fund CRCs for community forest protection in Tanoe Ehy forest in Cote d’Ivoire.

Achieving a unique balance of high and low durability initiatives, we're not just talking the talk; our recent efforts have resulted in a zero Lifetime Carbon Balance! This means tangible support for a community safeguarding Tanoe Ehy forest and aiding smallholder farmers in India in reaching their goals.Pond Foundation is walking the walk towards a sustainable future. Join us in making a positive impact on communities and biodiversity!