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Kasima Ghana Joins Pond Foundation

Kasima Ghana Joins Pond Foundation

Kasima Ghana, Pond Foundation’s implementation partner on the Regenerative BambaraProject with Foundation member WhatIF Foods in northern Ghana, has become the Foundation’s newest member. Kasima, derived from two words - “Kasi” which in Arabic means “beauty dear”, or in thel ocal area, “a person that is pure and kind”, and “Ma” after its founder - is an agricultural production and exporting company, founded in 2022. It is based in Tamale, capital of Ghana’s Northern Region, and boasts a dedicated team of agricultural and biochar field officers who support its partner farmers to grow indigenousBambara groundnuts. It is also the importing, sales, and marketing partner forWhatIF Foods in Ghana.

Kasima Ghana is a founding partner on the Regenerative Bambara Project. The project supplies WhatIF Foods with regeneratively sourced Bambara bean raw materials.Its key focus is to support partner farmers to grow Bambara in a way that brings life back to degraded soils and improves their livelihoods. In 2022, the project worked with almost 1,000 farmers across 25 communities. In 2023, it will partner with 6,000 farmers in 56 communities.


Mashud Fuseini, Kasima Ghana’s Founder and CEO explained that Kasima joined PondFoundation because he wants to walk the regenerative talk himself. “It’s important that we regenerate our partner communities’ soils and support them to develop their livelihoods. Our partnership with Pond Foundation and WhatIFFoods is pivotal to that, but we must act on our own responsibilities too.”


Mashudadded, “We want Kasima Ghana to be a global leader in regenerative agriculture.That means that we need to act regeneratively ourselves and that includesmanaging our own carbon footprint. We will remove our Lifetime Carbon Balancefrom the atmosphere through the biochar and regenerative farming practiceswe’re developing with the Bambara project.”


Mashudhas pioneered the Regenerative Bambara Project’s development since leadingWhatIF Foods’ founding visit in November 2019. He has supported WhatIF’sresearch and development and has connected with partner communities through theNorthern, Upper West, Northeast and Savannah regions of northern Ghana. WhenPond Foundation’s Founder, Scott Poynton, first visited Ghana to explore theproject’s potential in November 2021, it was Mashud who coordinated the visit. FromFebruary 2022, when Scott returned to start the project, Mashud has been itsmost critical partner.


Scottnoted that, “It’s vital to us that our members have aligned values. Mashud isso dedicated to the Regenerative Bambara Project and our partner communitiesthat Kasima joining the Foundation is just a logical progression of our alreadydeep relationship. We have formed a close friendship, forged through thechallenging times of the early part of the project, and I can honestly say thatI’ve never met anyone, anywhere who is as committed to implementingregenerative programs for communities and soils. It gives me absolute pleasureto welcome Mashud and Kasima Ghana to the Foundation.”


Kasima Ghana will also offer Carbon Removal Credits,generated through the production of small-holder biochar, to Pond Foundationmembers.


About Pond Foundation

Pond Foundation is a Swiss-registered, globalnon-profit that inspires strong regenerative action for people and the planet.Its My Carbon Zero, Regen 21, Hilary’s Kids and Earthtrust initiatives breaknew ground in setting high standards for corporate and individual regenerativeactions. It focuses on supporting communities, biodiversity, and the removal ofcarbon from the atmosphere.


For more information about Pond Foundation, pleasevisit https://www.pond.foundation/ or contact Scott Poynton at scott@pond.foundation

AboutKasima Ghana

Kasima Ghana isa company registered in Ghana that focuses on implementing regenerativeagriculture projects. It is the key implementation partner for the RegenerativeBambara Project that is supporting thousands of farmers and their soils inGhana’s north. The company is the importing, sales, and marketing partner forWhatIF Foods in Ghana.


For more information on Kasima Ghana, please visit https://kasimaghana.com/ oremail info@kasimaghana.org .