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Dynamic Startup Dutch Carboneers Joins Pond Foundation

Dynamic Startup Dutch Carboneers Joins Pond Foundation

Dutch Carboneers, a dynamic Dutch startup led by Mart de Bruijn and Berendde Haas, two environmentally conscious, deeply committed young entrepreneurs, has joined Pond Foundation. They now offer high-quality, long-term durability, certified Carbon Removal Credits to Pond Foundation members, and commit to removing their Lifetime Carbon Balance from the atmosphere.

Dutch Carboneers develops decentralized biochar projects that offer opportunities for long-term carbon removal. They help biomass owners to produce biochar and create Carbon Removal Credits. They provide biomass and financial feasibility assessments, consult on technology selection, offer training, prepare for and guide partners through certification, and take care of sales of biochar and carbon credits.

Their first project supports smallholder farmers in Odisha in India to make biochar that enriches their soils, improves their livelihoods, and removes carbon from the atmosphere. Their project is one of the first in the world to register Carbon Removal Credits with the C-Sink Registry of Carbon Standards International under the Global Artisan C-Sink Standard.

Dutch Carboneers are developing similar projects in other countries. Their immediate goal is to support smallholder farmers to create stable carbon sinks that remain durable for more than one thousand years and provide lasting and significant benefits in tropical agriculture. Their long-term goal is to contribute to the global effort to remove 3.8 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections for what’s needed to remain below 1.5oC warming. Getting there requires a 2,000-fold increase over today’s levels of carbon removal.

Their work focuses on delivering benefits aligned with ten Sustainable Development Goals - gender equality, life on land, zero hunger, no poverty, good health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequality, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and life below water.

Scott Poynton, Pond Foundation’s Founder welcomes Dutch Carboneers to the Foundation. “Working with fired-up, committed young entrepreneurs gets the blood flowing. Mart and Berend get out in the field and work! They take strong, regenerative action in support of smallholder farmers, their soils, and the global environment. Our values and actions couldn’t be more aligned.”

Mart and Berend said, “After we travelled to small farmer villages in rural India, we recognized that carbon removal with biochar is a doorway for a lot more social, environmental and financial benefits for the local communities.” They added, “We’re excited to join Pond Foundation. It provides us with a strong platform to offer our credits to their committed members and to be part of a community dedicated tothe strongest, regenerative action.”


About Pond Foundation

Pond Foundation is a Swiss-registered, global non-profit that inspires strong regenerative action for people and the planet. Its My Carbon Zero, Regen 21, Hilary’s Kids and Earthtrust initiatives break new ground in setting high standards for corporate and individual regenerative actions. It focuses on supporting communities, biodiversity, and the removal of company lifetime carbon from the atmosphere.

For more information about Pond Foundation, please visit https://www.pond.foundation or contact Scott Poynton at scott@pond.foundation


AboutDutch Carboneers

Dutch Carboneers is a company registered in the Netherlands that focuses on carbon removal with biochar. With backgrounds in biology and environmental economics, Mart and Berend aim to give carbon sinks with biochar more value than just its long carbon sequestration potential. With one certified project in India, Dutch Carboneers has projects in the pipeline in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

For more information on how Dutch Carboneers operates, please visit https://www.dutchcarboneers.com or send an email to dehaas@dutchcarboneers.com.