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Degas Limited Becomes Pond Foundation Member

Degas Limited Becomes Pond Foundation Member

DegasLimited, a Japanese startup with operations in Ghana, has joined PondFoundation.

Degas supports smallholder farmers in northern Ghana to grow maize and other crops.The company is committed to regenerative farming practices and to take responsibility for its carbon emissions. It will partner with Pond Foundation’s My Carbon Zero and Regen21 initiatives.

 PondFoundation will determine Degas’ Lifetime Carbon Balance (LCB), generated by its operations since its inception in November 2018. Together, we’ll determine a strategy to reduce Degas’ annual emissions and remove its entire LCB from the atmosphere.

 A large part of that strategy will revolve around insetting carbon in the soils of its partner farmers. Pond Foundation’s Ghana team is working with Degas to pilot biochar production using agricultural residues generated from Degas’ partner farmers’ crops. This biochar will be returned to the farmers’ fields to both regenerate the soils and inset Degas’ LCB. Degas is working with a range of partners to pilot other regenerative agricultural practices that can be applied in Ghana’s dry northern savanna region.

 Pond Foundation’s Founder Scott Poynton shared how important Degas’ actions will be to the smallholder farming communities it supports. “Degas is joining the club when it comes to walking the talk on credible, regenerative action. Not only will it reduce and remove its lifetime carbon emissions ,it will do so in partnership with smallholder farmers who will benefit from the living soils Degas’ regenerative practices will create.”

 Poynton added, “Pond Foundation members put communities first, then biodiversity and the environment. Carbon removal is an enabler, but it isn’t done in isolation. We’re excited to see the livelihood and environmental the impacts of Degas’ commitment.”

 Doga Makiura, Degas’ Founder and CEO, said, “We’re excited to be joining Pond Foundation and to be pushing forward with our regenerative agriculture practices with our partner farmers. We’re certain the biochar will make a difference to the soils and the lives of the farmers and on top of that, we’re removing carbon from the atmosphere.”

 Poverty in the agriculture industry, especially among smallholder farmers is rampant inSub-Saharan Africa. Globally, over the past 30 years, the number of people living on less than $1.9 per day has fallen from 1.9 billion to 740 million.Yet, in Sub-Saharan Africa that number has increased, especially among smallholder farmers. The amount of food produced does not always reach the market, as an estimated 20% of products are lost post-harvest. There is a strong need for greater capacity among farmers so they can meet demand, thrive, and reach their full potential.

Degas uses technology and machine learning to enable productive and lucrative farming. They improve the value chain between commodity buyers (who find it difficult to produce quality products), and farmers (who lack the financing and resources to produce more).

They have formed the Degas Farmer Network (DFN), which registers farmers and provides financing in kind of high-quality inputs such as hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and crop insurance. This technology standardizes and integrates the value chain to facilitate the production of high-quality crops, and improve sales, using one simple platform. The Degas platform is supported by experienced people on the ground managing farmer financing, providing technical knowledge, and aggregating data.

About Pond Foundation

Pond Foundation is a Swiss-registered, global non-profit that inspires strong regenerative action for people and the planet.Its My Carbon Zero, Regen 21, Hilary’s Kids and Earthtrust initiatives break new ground in setting high standards for corporate and individual regenerative actions. It focuses on supporting communities, biodiversity, and the removal of company lifetime carbon from the atmosphere.

For more information about Pond Foundation, please visit https://www.pond.foundation/ or contact Scott Poynton at scott@pond.foundation

About Degas

Degas is a startup dedicated to increase smallholder farmers’ income in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe there is no development of Africa without the development of farmers. Degas provides a full package for such farmers to enable productive and lucrative farming while visualising their potential with technology. Our journey has just begun, and we aim to triple the income of 30 million farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa by2030.

For more information about Degas, please visit https://degasafrica.com/